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Biodegradable Cheering Sticks
(Including biodegradable inflating straws)

Cheering sticks, sometimes known as thunder sticks,
are narrow inflatable plastic tubes that when struck together create a unique noise and atmosphere. They initially found popularity with fans at sporting events in South Korea and have since spread throughout the world. Onion Media has developed cost effective and fully eco-friendly cheering sticks that are made from a plastic which biodegrades to drastically reduce waste and environmental impact. We have even developed a biodegradable inflating straw and to complete the package, even the bag is biodegradable.

So how does it work?
It is made with an additive that triggers environmentally safe degradation and eventual biodegradation of the plastic when exposed to UV light, heat or mechanical stress after disposal. Its presence in landfill is reduced to water, CO2 and biomass, (the carbon source on which cells of micro-organisms such as fungi and bacteria grow during the process of biodegradation).

Photo caption- We can also produce a broad range of standard and bespoke shapes.
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Onion Media, 25 Lonsdale Road, London, NW6 6RS
Tel: +44 (0)20 7759 2192 | info@onionmedia.co.uk

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